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Explore Sigiriya with us!

Explore Sigiriya with us!

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10 Days, 9 Nights

A kingdom nestled on a rock, Sigirya, offers tourists an opportunity to breathe, and live history. The fortified city is a true testament to the exceptional urban planning, landscape and architecture, and construction technology, which existed in ancient times. The Sigiriya rock fortress is one of the best preserved ancient urban sites in Asia. A few kilometers away another kingdom from centuries ago stands tall against the sands of time – Polonnaruwa, the 2nd kingdom of Sri Lanka. The grandeur of years past, has been preserved in the form of archaeological treasures with thousands of ancient structures, tombs and temples, and statues and stupas. Our journey includes another stop, set in the heart of a popular cultural triangle in Sri Lanka, Minneriya – home to both culture, and nature. Stroll through the Minneriya National Park to see species you have never seen before, and also immerse yourself in the history and excellence it holds. Our journey ends at Hiriwadunna to observe wildlife like crocodiles, butterflies and birds at the local reservoir as local villagers fish and wash their laundry. Then take a boat ride to the other side of the lake, enjoy a ‘bullock’ cart ride, and join us to get the authentic Sri Lankan experience.

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The guests will be taken to Sigiriya to climb Sigiriya rock, ‘Rock Fortress in the sky” built in the 5th century AD by the parricide king Kasyappa. The archaeological findings bear testimony to a well-developed urban planning, architecture, gardening, engineering, hydraulic technology and art. ‘The celestial ladies’ of Sigiriya, the mirror wall and the lion’s stairway bear testimony to the splendor of a bygone era. Sigiriya has been declared a world heritage by UNESCO. On completion return to the hotel overnight stay Sigiriya
Polonnaruwa, the 2nd ancient capital of Sri Lanka of the 11th century. On arrival at the city visit the modern archaeological museum followed by the Royal palace of King Prarakramabahu the Great. The quadrangle of temples with its Thuparamaya, the Circular Temple (the Vatadage) , the ancient temples of the sacred tooth relic and the SathMahal Prasadaya. The famous Gal Vihara with its colossal Buddha statues carved on monolithic granite. The Kirivehera and the Lankathilaka temple Being part of the elephant corridor which joins up with Kaudulla and Wasgomuwa parks, Minneriya National Park affords the opportunity to sight herds of Elephants throughout the year. During the year up to 300 elephants are seen at the 8,890 hectare park within a few square kilometres of the Minneriya Reservoir. In August and September each year during the dry season, wild elephants from the surrounding wilderness in search of food and water, make their way to the shores of the Minneriya Reservoir adjoining the Minneriya National Park. On completion return to the hotel. Overnight stay in Sigiriya
Trek through Hiriwaduna, archetypal Sri Lankan village. The trek begins with a scenic walk along a bund of a Wewa (man-made reservoir). The amazing birdlife, butterflies and possible sightings of crocodiles only add to the charm of the trek. Sight the villagers as they go about their early morning tasks of fishing or washing clothes at the periphery of the lake. Initially one wades through a shallow stream and thereafter crosses a wider tributary in a catamaran of an obliging farmer to inspect Chena cultivation (slash and burn agriculture). Enjoy the farmer's humble hospitality. With the guidance of the farmer, pick some fresh vegetables from the plot and join in the preparation of a simple meal prepared in the traditional method using earthenware pots and firewood as fuel. This is a great opportunity to sample authentic local cuisine. The journey continues through dense shrub forests, home to many forest birds and other wildlife including monkeys, bears, python and even elephants. On completion return to the hotel overnight stay in Sigiriya

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